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Strive Publishing is proud to present our first signed author, Ricardo G. Peters!  This young man has an incredible mind that spawned a young adult book series featuring black characters that will astonish you.  The first book in the series , Under a Cloven Sky: A Scorched Heavens Novel, will be realeased in August, 2018.

Ricardo grew up in the Minneapolis area with his mother, father, and younger brother.  When he wasn’t reading or writing, Ricardo played hockey, ran cross country, and ran track.  He graduated from Minnehaha Academy in 2003 and attended North Park University in Chicago, Illinois where he earned a degree in English.

When Ricardo was young, he read anything he could get his hands on from The Chronicles of Narnia and The Call of the Wild to A Wrinkle in Time.  He would use Transformers stickers to make his own stories and recalls, “I knew from day one that I was always going to write, even if I didn’t get paid for it.”

While in college, Ricardo was a Writing Advisor for the English Department, where he enjoyed reviewing student work, and advising students on their writing. Following college, he went to work as a reading instructor at his mother's Kumon Learnig Center, where he still enjoys working part-time.

Currently, Ricardo works two jobs and writes in his free time.  He says he prefers to juggle writing with working because if he had to write for a living he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much.  Another joy in Ricardo’s life is his dog, a Siberian Husky named Tundra, who he says is “spoiled, but a good dog.”

Ricardo has been working on a series of young adult fantasy novels for years, and he is trusting Strive Publishing to bring his books into the world. He is one of three founding authors for Strive Publishing.


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Come out and join the fun!

Ricardo Peters will tell you all about the first book in his YA book series. You will be inspired to read and maybe even start writing your own book.