Mary Taris


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Mary is an elementary school teacher - turned children’s book publisher. Just as Mary felt called to help bring more diversity into the teaching field, she is on a mission to publish more books that uplift and inspire African-American children, young adults, authors, and illustrators.

The name Strive Publishing represents the continuous effort and resiliency it takes to turn dreams into reality. In her teaching career Mary sees first-hand, the need for contemporary picture books and young adult novels for African Americans. She also knows first-hand, the value in the stories of creativity, wonder, determination, and success of everyday African Americans. The persistent need for more diverse books, along with the ability to build working relationships with talented African American community members have compelled Mary to work toward building a book publishing business that illuminates the authentic African American voice, while working in partnership with African American authors. 

Since founding Strive Publishing in 2016 Mary has positioned her business to work in partnership with a growing list of highly talented African-American authors who are ready to share their stories with the world. 

Mary looks forward to sharing more about her story in upcoming blog posts.