Jermaine Taris

Art Director

Strive Jermaine2.jpg

Jermaine is a freelance artist who was born and raised in North Minneapolis, and has been known to post his art throughout the Northside community.

With a lifelong passion for art, Jermaine was inspired to create community art while working as an Artist Assistant with Juxtaposition. He studied graphic design for print and web for four years prior to becoming a freelance artist. Jermaine’s artistic style stems from his interest in a wide range of art, literature, philosophy, and music. He enjoys collaborating on projects with artists from diverse backgrounds.

Jermaine is the co-creator of the Strive Publishing logo; the co-creator on the book cover design for Ricardo G. Peter’s debut novel, Under a Cloven Sky; and the creator of the book cover design for Strive’s Story to Story series.