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Donna Gingery would like to thank God for giving her this opportunity to start on a journey of writing children’s books. She is dedicating her books in memory of her mother, Bernese Jacqueline Clemons.

Donna was born in Selma, Alabama in the 1960s. She is a survivor because she was a premature baby, and was not expected to live. Donna says her life in elementary through high school was not very pleasant. She was diagnosed with a learning disability and struggled with reading and writing. Donna’s high school counselor told her that she would never make it in college - but today Donna has a bachelor’s degree in theater, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and a K-12 Administration License. She credits a teacher she had, for counteracting what her high school counselor told her. This teacher told Donna that she was smart and learned differently. She told Donna to never allow anyone tell her anything differently. Her words helped Donna become the educator she is today. 

Her love for storytelling started at a very young age. Donna has always had a big imagination. It was her imagination that helped her get through school, and other adversities in her life. When Donna was growing up, if someone would ask her a question, she would always answer with some elaborate story. Every night at bedtime, Donna’s sister would ask her to tell her a story. If Donna refused to tell a story, her sister would get very upset. This is when Donna realized her love for storytelling. 

Donna loves working with children. About eight years ago, as she was working with a group of students who were having issues with academics and behavior, Donna became convinced to start writing children’s books. Her goal is to write a series of children’s books that would share her life story. The books will be geared towards helping children understand how to express themselves and believe in themselves. 

Now Donna Gingery is one of three founding authors for Strive Publishing, where she is certain to reach her goal to write a series of inspirational children’s books!


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