Under A Cloven Sky

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Under A Cloven Sky


Strive Publishing's first book is available for pre-order! This book is scheduled to be released in August 2018.



This is book one in The Scorched Heavens series. In this fantasy series, the author has built a world filled with beautifully complex characters that young people today can relate to and even imagine themselves as.

In the depths of an ancient temple a child is born beneath the auspice of a cosmic phenomenon. 

Within a gleaming city set between sea and sand the fate of two nations - one civil and one savage - rests upon the back of the city's young princess, Karmagant Ak'an. Her destiny tied to that of her protector, Suzurain Ashaeru, a young man as unprepared for what lies ahead as she. The two stand together in the face of a wild land of inhospitable extremes, unpredictable gods and demons, and most threatening: the divided people demanding fealty and guidance from them both.


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Ricardo G. Peters