Arielle Grant


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Arielle Grant and her husband, Tommy, are recent additions to the city of Minneapolis. Prior to their relocation Arielle worked as the Director of Events and Volunteers at Transformation Ministries, in South Bend, IN. There she committed herself to encouraging and empowering African American children in the surrounding neighborhoods. Through community development, mentoring, tutoring, intentional conversation and teaching, Arielle inspired students to value themselves and the people around them.

Being connected to this work inspired Arielle to investigate the disparity of resources and opportunities in her city. Through this research she discovered that the disparity is nation-wide. She has since committed herself to learning about this country’s history, the forms in which racism still exist in our world and is working to abolish it. For her, art is a form of resistance, protest, and advocacy.

Arielle creates pencil, graphite, watercolor and acrylic artwork. She is passionate about creating art that reflects black beauty in all its forms. Most notably, Arielle created a 10x12 foot mural featured in the community center in which she once served. This piece includes eighteen African American children. Arielle hopes that students will continue to see this work as a reflection of themselves.

Alongside illustrating, Arielle works as an Education Specialist at an adoption and family services organization here in Minnesota. Her role is to co-create events, trainings, and curriculum that equip parents to raise racially conscious children. She is excited by the synergy between this form of advocacy and the work she will be doing with Strive Publishing.

As she partakes in various forms of African American advocacy, Arielle is made increasingly aware of the need for minority representation in literature. As an illustrator at Strive Publishing, Arielle will further impact children’s lives. Through art, she will continue to find renewal and inspiration while striving for social justice.



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