The Vision

Strive Publishing's vision is to be the leading publishing company in providing contemporary African American stories. We will begin by filling the need for picture books and young adult novels that our children can see themselves in, and will work toward filling the need for a diverse range of representation in children’s, young adult, and adult genres. Through publishing and illuminating the stories of creativity, wonder, determination, and success of generations of African Americans and other underrepresented people, we will help tear down stereotypes and build up bridges that connect to a more diverse publishing industry. 

Strive Publishing is a calling for me, Strive Publishing is also an opportunity for others, and Strive Publishing can be a mirror for young readers, but also a window for society...
— Mary Taris, Founder/CEO

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The best contribution Strive Publishing can make in the children’s book publishing industry is to focus on African American authors.
— K. T. Horning, Cooperative Children's Book Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
I believe that everyone should have access to sharing their work with the world, regardless of income or insider knowledge.
— Danielle Bylund, Editor, Writer,
Strive Publishing is doing vital and exciting work. It shines a spotlight on new stories and voices for readers hungry to see themselves in the books they read.
— Kellie M. Hultgren, KMH Editing
Children’s literature has the potential to capture for children the kindness, love, and wisdom we hope is reflected in who we are.
— Dara M. Beevas, Chief Strategic Officer, Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Children need diverse books by and about different people from all walks of life. We are so grateful to be in community with organizations like Strive Publishing, that is addressing the issue at the root level and providing great opportunities for readers and writers.
— Bao Phi, Director of Events and Awards, The Loft Literary Center

The Team